Our Boxers are the Best!

Thinking about a Boxer?

So you're looking for a boxer?

You must be... because you have searched out our website. Our Boxers come from excellent blood lines and are all AKC registered. I Have Proof and have shown proof to EVERY one who purchased one of my pups.
This is the FIRST and LAST litter that our mamma boxer will have. We are NOT a puppy mill! I do not want to find any of my babies in that situation. I want my puppies to go to good homes. If you are truly serious about getting a boxer... Please! Do your research first to make sure that boxers are a match for you and your family.

Image Boxer Sire Named Andy

Image of Boxer Bitch Named Soda

Great Your Still Looking for A Boxer!

I'm glad your still intrested!

I am sorry we no longer have any puppies available.

Please feel free to brows my site, anyway. If you are still intrested in a Boxer please contact your local boxer rescue centers. Remember...Adobting a pet is a life time commitment and I am so happy you have desided on a Boxer for a life long friend!


"You know who you are...It is not nice to spread rummors and false truth. Listen to the whole truth. AssUme Nothing! Get the facts first."

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